14 ideas for what to build on Farcaster

From small apps to larger services

Permissionless signups are around the corner and it feels like the Farcaster community is just getting started! 🔥 We wanted to share a list of ideas that we think would be cool to build on top of Farcaster.


Farcaster being a turing complete protocol means that Warpcast is just one of the ways to interact with the underlying data and the people in your network. Here's a few ideas we'd love to see in the ecosystem:

  1. Slack UI on top of channels, responses to a parent cast show up in Slack-like thread views (https://farcord.com/, https://farchat.xyz/ 👀)

  2. Instagram story / TikTok like client for seamless video creation and consumption - memes channel is a good example of how funny the community can be with still images, we might be able to unlock more with other media types

  3. Fitness client that integrates Whoop, Strava, Nike+, Apple Health data and combines that with the conversations and the network in the Fitness channel

  4. Permissionless channel browsing client for content under parent_urls that don't show up on Warpcast; can also create channels on the fly and write to such new channels


  1. Quantified analytics for your profile - essentially farcaster.network but for any given fid (www.farcasteruserstats.com/)

  2. Reputation scoring based on engagement / activity / follower <> following relationships on the protocol - will only get more important after permissionless signups

  3. Protocol usage for Farcaster users i.e. which protocols / dapps does the Farcaster population use the most, what are interesting finds on the tail end? (dune.com/yesyes/farcaster-users-onchain-activities)


  1. Explorer that takes in a hub url and provides a stream of data from that hub, useful for troubleshooting when developing (casthose.xyz 👀)

  2. Plug and play bot platform - no code tools to build a bot on Farcaster

Marketing solutions

  1. Marketing tools for Farcaster e.g. social pilot for Twitter (saymore.tv 👀)


List is incomplete without experiences that are not utilitarian but just fun to play around with

  1. FC profile trivia - answer questions about Farcaster users and earn bragging points e.g. "why doesn't dwr eat fruits?"

  2. Extension that inserts FC content on Twitter so that when viewing Twitter feed or profile, tweets and casts show up interspersed on the same timeline

  3. Mutual follows - when looking at a profile, see who amongst your following graph follows them (docs.neynar.com/reference/relevant-followers)

  4. Unfollowed by - who's the target of unfollows 🌶 (hatecast.xyz)

Have other ideas or already built any of the above? Ping @rish and we will update this list!


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